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The Close – Straight Line Seduction System

Tony Hustle is a seduction specialist with over a decade of experience in seducing the most attractive women around the world. In his book The Close Anthony provides a highly condensed overview of his Straight Line Seduction System.

The mindsets and techniques are explained in a highly practical way such that they can be applied instantly even by inexperienced seducers.

This is the book Tony wishes he had had when he started his journey of mastering the art of seducing the most beautiful women around the world. 

“It’s very applied and practical. He has some fresh ideas that you cannot find in any other book. Most importantly, when you read the book you understand his video content a lot better. I recommend you get it as quickly as you can if you are serious about the game.” – The Gamer 69

SDL King – Getting Laid with Super Hot Women  the Same Day

SDL King is the 2nd book of Anthony Hustle. It’s an extension of The Close – Straight Line Seduction System. In specific, the book describes in a highly applied manner how to get laid with extremely beautiful women the same day.

It lays out a systematic approach that even men unfamiliar with seduction can follow. Tony has more than a decade of professional seduction experience and seduced and dated some of the most beautiful women around the world.


“Tony, you are the god of SDLs. I read the book in 2 days and it’s super practical advice – simple and efficient. Most importantly, it gives a step by step system to SDLs, which I applied directly infield. It’s true gold and the first girl you will take home is worth 100x more the money you paid for it. I recommend reading The Close first as this book builds on The Close…It gone one for my wingman and we are following it religiously with success!” – The Gamer 69


The Chemistry of Seduction – Routines, Moves & Patterns of Seduction

This book is the third book in the Anthony Hustle’s trilogy. For the lack of a better analogy, if I was a three star Michelin chef, my first book, The Close, would be my philosophy (e.g. Italian or French cuisine), my second book, SDL King, would be my signature dish (i.e. Chateaubriand) and my third book, The Chemistry of Seduction, would describe how to mix the ingredients to create my signature dish.

This book provides you with all routines, moves and patterns that I use when seducing women. The patterns are displayed on a Seduction Dashboard to give you a clear roadmap as to where you are in the seduction process.