The Anthony Hustle Story

Getting Laid with the Hottest Women the Same Day in a Simple, Efficient and Exciting Way:
The Straight Line System

Anthony Hustle is my outlet for infield material, online courses and writings that I produce. I am the self-proclaimed Same Day Lay King (SDL King) with more than a decade of experience in seducing the world’s most attractive women the same day by cold approaching. I have traveled the world and seduced all types of women, from the girl next door to well-known Playboy Magazine models. My style follows the Straight Line Seduction System that I developed – the system’s key idea is to keep the seducer’s mind on the money at all times: attracting and seducing the world’s hottest women in a simple, efficient and exciting way. Most readers will know me from my YouTube channel. On, I provide online video courses, personal teaching services and free videos and PDFs on how to seduce the hottest women around the world following my Straight Line Seduction System. When I started learning the art of seduction, I was personally irritated by the material available at the time and I noticed that my style is distinctly different from anything that is out there. I was incapable of getting my head around complicated “routine stacks”, 20 minute conversations to nowhere and “ping texting” of ridiculous emojis and dogs on skateboards. The issue I took was: how on earth would a high value man engage with outstandingly beautiful women in such a low value fashion and expect to seduce them? The answer is: he wouldn't. A beta male would do that. It wasn’t long before I realised that my results were vastly superior to anybody else’s, despite being different. Then it dawned on me: my results were not better despite being different, my results were better, because I was different. People say that we don’t choose our passions, but our passions choose us. For me, this was clearly true. It wasn’t a choice for me to go out and seduce women. It was like I was possessed by something that drove me – it was such an obsession that I literally couldn’t do anything else, but my PhD and learning seduction. I knew that my results were better than anybody else’s already and I had to keep going to get the 10s on command. Until that was figured out, I every fibre in my body would sizzle like an isotope. There were only two possible outcomes: I either achieved my goal or I would drop dead. It was as simple as that. For that reason, once I managed to figure it all out, I decided to get the camera, pen and paper out to show the world how I think a high value man behaves when seducing very attractive women. To this day, my entire philosophy boils down to one sentence:

“I seek to seduce women with the minimum amount of comfort-trust required to go in a straight line from approach to sex with the highest amount of attraction-escalation in the shortest possible amount of time.” – Anthony Hustle

I truly mastered the skill while working in a high-testosterone hedge fund job in the city of London – I was simultaneously recording my seduction adventures with London’s female beauty elite. I truly came all together in a span of a few months. To be frank, to this day, I simply have no time for women that are sexually not interested in me. I don’t want female friends. How many friends can you have? I don’t have time for more friends. I do value women and men equally, but when you are looking for sexual encounters, what matters is to do exactly that: you get sexual. Too many men are making fools out of themselves buying their own patty lies that they will “eventually get with her” when in reality she doesn’t have the slightest sexual interest. For this reason, I designed the Straight Line Seduction System to engage with many attractive women in short interactions with the aim to get sexual quickly – fast escalation. Whether you are looking for the woman of your life, or only for short sexual encounters is really your choice and none of my business. A word of caution: once you have mastered the Straight Line Seduction System you are in command of a rare power: the power to seduce very attractive women, fast. This power needs to be treated with respect, because seduction involves humans and their feelings and emotional pain can be worse than physical pain. As the old saying goes: with great power comes great responsibility. I am not responsible or your actions, but I urge you to treat all women, and especially young women, with respect and dignity. We all have women we love in our lives and we should therefore treat all women the way we would like our mothers and sisters to be treated. So much for the sermon – now let’s get down to business. My teaching are condensed into two broad groups:

  1. Online video products and books
  2. Personal coaching

The first category contains my books, my online courses, free infield videos/PDFs and other print and online material. I will detail those below. The second group contains the Hustler Elite programs, 1:1 sessions, and our bootcamps. I will detail those below as well.

The Social Experiment

I would characterise myself as intense extrovert with an analytical mind. I have a PhD in Finance from a prestigious university and studied under a 2016 Nobel Prize Winner. My field is a social science, so I am well aware of the lack of repeatability of social experiments. Seduction is a social experiment. Seduction is not a natural science. Seduction is not physics. Gravity is 100% predictable – the apple will always fall towards earth. Social interactions are different – no interaction is ever the same. Seduction is random. The definition of randomness is that more things can happen than will. Therefore, it is much harder to derive a set of principles that can be universally applied in a reliable fashion – statistical significance is difficult to achieve. What do I mean by that? The issue is that you can seduce a girl with bad seduction skills if you get lucky and you can fail seducing a girl with very good skills if you get unlucky. It’s therefore hard to learn from failure: you never quite know whether your seduction process was the problem, or whether the girl was the problem. That’s a huge issue for anybody trying to learn game. For me it’s different by now. With a large enough dataset and tons of comparisons to other guys that are regarded as good seducers, I know I have exceptional skill. It is also clear that my success with women is based on the Straight Line Seduction System, because the system was the inflection point: I had hints that I ignored for years that the Straight Line Seduction System is the right way to go, but it wasn’t after I truly converted to it and purely practiced Straight Line Seduction that I realised that it is the only system that really works. How did I realize it? Very simple – I was seducing models with high predictability and I wasn’t doing that before I used the system. I am not dogmatic about my system – other systems may work as well. But I promise you, at their core, they will all reduce to the same Straight Line Seduction principles that I have already laid out so clearly. Once I had figured out how to predictably seduce extremely attractive girls predictably, I wrote it down: I was documenting my findings and I kept iterating to perfect my system. For example, it took me a long time to realise that Active Frame Control is vastly superior to general comfort-trust based on deep rapport (or “charged comfort”) and demonstrations of higher value; all of which are only proxies for survival and replication value. Similarly, it took me a long time to realise that challenging, teasing and indirect-direct game is vastly inferior to Hustlerisms (statements that communicate to the girl, in her language, that we want to have sex with her) as such techniques break the Pure Connection Frame. In short, I knew I had mastered seduction and I knew I had developed a system that is by far the simplest, most efficient and most exciting way to seduce beautiful women. The data backed up the theory (i.e. the 3 to 4 different girls I woke up to per week were all stunning without exception) and the robustness was backed up by the system’s simplicity and efficiency. The activity of seduction that used to be borderline torture for me at times became fun and exciting. Personally, I was in seduction heaven – I was refining the model around the edges, but in general I knew I had discovered the fundamental principles that lend the structure to the Straight Line Seduction System, which is by far the best way to approach and seduce very beautiful women fast. It is by far the best approach even if you are a high roller (or "baller" as they say in the United States) with a celebrity style social circle. Every high-flying celebrity male would agree with that. As a matter of fact, the higher your level of abundance, the better the system works. If one was to use a cliche, one could say: “I had cracked the code.”

This, however, didn’t prove that I had truly managed to answer the lifelong question of how to seduce attractive women. There was one very important part missing. It was the proverbial million dollar question of seduction? Would I be able to transfer my skill to other individuals or is it a skill that is unique to me. The age-old nature versus nurture argument was haunting me. If the skill is not transferable or teachable, then the Straight Line Seduction System was of no use to humanity – damn you Descartes. It was obviously of great use to me and the girls I met, but a truly robust theory needs to be tested by different people in different scenarios. For me personally, the Straight Line Seduction System had to pass this acid test in order to classify as the best system to seduce very attractive women fast. I knew, once it passed this test, I will most likely go down in the history of mankind as the man that developed the system that will allow anyone who is willing to put in the effort, energy and time to seduce the most beautiful women around the world consistently and fast. That seemed like a worthy achievement to dedicate myself to for some time. So in late 2018, I developed this freaking acid test and put my reputation on the line in a major way – the test comes in the form of a social experiment.

The Superseducers of Anthony Hustleville

The way I decided to test the Straight Line Seduction System for robustness and general applicability was the following: I decided to start the Hustler Elite. A club of randomly selected men from diverse backgrounds that would pay me to teach them the Straight Line Seduction System over a six months period. I recruited that group using a random ad that I ran on my YouTube channel: the group would have to be very diverse and I did not want to handpick the guys – I wanted to avoid sample selection bias at any cost. The group would need some age differences, differences in educational backgrounds and professional orientation, origin and skin colour. Also, none of the members were allowed to be professional models or sportsmen – not that I believe it’s a reason to not use Straight Line Seduction; to the contrary actually. The reasons was that I wanted my experiment to be robust to criticism related to looks and genetics. The plan was to meet up once a week, discuss seduction and go out and apply my system. I would document everything as we go along and share it publicly. Cheating would be impossible, because I would have no footage to show and the Hustler Elite would fail miserably as my reputation would bottom out – you don’t get positive public feedback from people that don’t get results, while paying a chunk of money to you month by month. I met all my selection criteria and I put that group together under the name Hustler Elite – it is active as I am writing this piece. Of course, I had to balance my expectations against my personal experience level – the Hustler Elite members have some experience, but they are not at my level, yet, and it will take time to reach that level. Luckily, I have a lot of alternative benchmarks at hand that I can use to measure the success of the Hustler Elite and implicitly that of the Straight Line Seduction System: I like to measure the Hustler Elite’s success against the results of other “top seduction coaches” just because it’s fun to show that the Hustler Elite can produce results in 6 months that the so called seduction experts cannot achieve after decades of purely focusing on seduction. It feels like the community urgently needed a healthy does of competition and innovation. It seems like nothing had changed since our messiah Erik von Markovik took off the tanning studio goggles and got rid of his Harry Potter magic wand. Second, I can benchmark against my general understanding of the type of girl “experienced seducers” in the community would get. The “experienced” guys get the occasional 8 (once or twice a year), but most of the time they get 7s and 6s. So far, I haven’t seen any “experienced seducer” or “seduction expert” consistently have sex with 8s or above. Definitely I haven’t seen them demonstrate this level of skill when attempting to seduce attractive women the same day (SDL) – video evidence of people consistently seducing 8s and above is nonexistent other than on my YouTube channel. For that reason and because I think that any man should be happy with having the skill to seduce very attractive girls the same day with high predictability, I thought a fair yardstick would be this: if four Hustler Elite members can have sex the same day with 25 to 50 girls over the course of the spring/summer of 2019 (6 months) and the average rating across all girls is 8 or above (on a scale from 0 to 10), then this proves that the Straight Line Seduction System is transferrable and learnable.

I personally would consider this sufficient evidence for me to go down in the history of mankind as the man that developed the system that will allow anyone who is willing to put in the effort, energy and time to seduce the hottest women around the world consistently and fast. If this sounds like I am boasting to you, so does it to me. However, I struggle to find a way to disagree with the logic and for that reason I put it black on white. This is the reason I started the Same Day Lay Challenge (SDL Challenge) on my website. It documents the Hustler Elite’s progress over spring/summer 2019 – check out my website for details. I wrote this website content on May 7th 2019 abd we had recorded 9 SDLs with an average rating comfortably around 8, including one 9 (Russia) and several 8s. We had a total of 15 SDL fails and 20 lays, including one 10. As humans learn exponentially in s-curves, I was very confident that we will achieve this goal. Some people will then come up with the argument that this is only, because I am an exceptional teacher: who am I to disagree?

Here are the final results of the SDL Challenge with the Hustler Elite:

I recorded two different statistics to record the progress of the Hustler Elite. As I promised in late April 2019, by the end of summer 2019 (23rd September 2019), the Hustler Elite will have achieved the following: In aggregate, 25 to 50 Same Day Lays with an average quality of 8 or above (on a scale from 0 to 10). The two statistics I would like to see if I were in your shoes would be:

  1. Number of lays (not strictly Same Day Lays)
  2. Number of Same Day Lays.

Previously, I recorded SDL fails. However, this number proved to be hard to measure even though we were trying to. Further, focusing on fails implies that we need to get it right – we don’t in reality. If we can get the SDL and lay count up high enough, we succeeded. Let’s put it this way: if I get laid every week with hot girls (the same day), I don’t care how hard I have to work – most guys don’t get laid very much if at all. For that reason, I deleted the hard-to-measure SDL fail metric. All numbers are aggregated so I do not incentivise Hustler Elite Members to lie. The recorded infields are all available on the Hustler Club. Trailers will be published on YouTube.

Final result: 37 SDLs and 74 Lays. Average rating for girls 8. You can listen to the podcasts we were recording while we we doing the SDL Challenge to get a feeling for what it was like.

Online Video Courses and Books

The best way to teach seduction is through infield training. I do agree that 90% of your time should be spent infield. However, without the Straight Line Seduction System’s philosophy as a backbone, the trainee seducer will not make the progress required to become a master seducer. Most of the time spent infield will be wasted with ineffective strategies that do not generate the appropriate attraction-escalation, lead to conversations with girls that are not sexually interested and let the trainee seducer end up in the Flywheel of Frustration. He will not be able to see the forest through the trees as he will be constantly fooled by the randomness of his results. For that reason, he needs to follow one system that has been proven to work – that’s the Straight Line Seduction System.

My business is structured to provide the best possible service in terms of teaching the Straight Line Seduction System. My funnel starts by attracting men to my material using video clips that are shared on social media to demonstrate how well the Straight Line Seduction System works in real life. I then back this up with more theoretical knowledge covered on my podcast. Further, I provide free videos and PDFs to my books that are published on my website. Both, free videos and PDFs, can be accessed after a free sign up – this gives people and insight into what my products are like without paying.

The true educational jewels of the Straight Line Seduction System are hidden behind a paid wall. Paid members get access to all my videos in full length. Those videos not only show all aspects of game and reveal the entire interaction from approach to sex, but I also personally annotate, narrate and reference the videos such that all key concepts are clearly highlighted and made understandable throughout. When consumed together with my books, these videos provide the perfect learning tool. The trainee seducer can read and digest the books first and then see how concepts are applied in practice at the highest level. Because my system is simple, I use a very limited set of routines, moves and patterns that constantly repeat. Those are detailed in my books and captured in my videos and all the trainee seducer needs to do is clone the concepts. In this way, using the videos together with the books, the trainee seducer masters seduction vicariously through the eyes of Anthony Hustle – it is like training and experiencing fast seduction approaches with incredibly hot Playboy models with Anthony Hustle live, for as often as you like.

In specific, there are two types of video platforms I sell to the public. The first is the Hustler Club, which contains all of my Straight Line Seduction videos that I shot myself. Further, it contains all of the videos of the Hustler Elite members. These videos capture the entire Straight Line Seduction System from approach to close and all same day lays (SDL). We show the entire skillset seducing some incredibly attractive girls around the world. This platform is accessible via the memberships only. The Gold Hustler membership includes my first two books, The Close – Straight Line Seduction System and SDL King – A Step-by-step Guide to Seducing Super Hot Women the Same Day. We also host a video-only version of the Gold Hustler membership. Obviously, the Hustler Club is also great entertainment value for those that are in happy relationships, but like to see what’s possible – it definitely keeps the wive on her toes.

This is a good point in time to talk about my books. I have written three books in the first 9 months of starting Anthony Hustle. I had fleshed out all books in my head over the last couple of years and then decided in late summer 2018 to put it all down on paper. The best way to summarise my books is the following: for the lack of a better analogy, if I was a three star Michelin chef, The Close would be my philosophy (e.g. Italian or French cuisine), SDL King would be my signature dish (i.e. Chateaubriand) and The Chemistry of Seduction would describe how I mix the ingredients to create my signature dish. I paraphrased this analogy from The Chemistry of Seduction – Routines, Moves and Patterns of Seduction, my third book in the trilogy. In the meanwhile, I have published two more books, The Yellow Swan and The Bible - the latter has all my lines in one place. Free PDFs are availabel. All books are available on and on my website.

The latest online product I developed is the Daygame Basics Course. The Daygame Basics Course teaches you how to approach and instant date the girls that you find truly attractive during the day. The course consists of infield tutorials featuring the Hustler Elite, troubleshooters and theory modules explained by myself. The course also features an Accountability Manager that gives week-by-week training instructions and holds you publicly accountable on Overall, the course consists of 5 modules that last 9 months. At the end of the course, you will be proficient in approaching and taking very attractive girls on instant dates. It’s a daygame course, so it teaches you how to fill your pipeline with attractive girls – seduction is more than just daygame. I teach the Daygame Basics Course in baby steps from dealing with approach anxiety to daily mindset routines. As you go along, the degree of difficulty increases until you are confident about approaching and instant dating attractive girls during the day. The course teaches you how to independently get strong results from daygame at a very affordable price. It was blatantly obvious to me that this course was missing. You should check it out if you are a beginner. It's one of the best ways to start game.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is not necessarily the best way to teach people new skills, especially if they are on a beginner's level. There would be no point in anyone training with a world class chess player unless they were already on a very high level. We might as well start playing with an intermediate guy – he would still beat us 99% of the time. Beginners need lots of practice and clear instructions. That’s why I designed the Daygame Basics Course – it’s ideal for beginners and intermediates.

The art of seduction is not dissimilar to the game of Super Mario. It has different levels and you need to pass each level consecutively to be able to rescue the princess from the castle. If you fail at any point, you start from the beginning. Often even experienced guys keep failing at the same point or level. It just feels like there is no way around a certain sticking point and it is painful, because progress slows down as the Flywheel of Frustration keeps spinning faster and faster. For example, a lot of guys get the girl on an instant date, but then lose her attention during the date or do not know how to sexualize the interaction. This is a common issue and it takes mindset shifts coupled with very specific routines, moves and patterns to break through this sticking point – I explain a lot of this in my third book, The Chemistry of Seduction. It is also shown in my videos on the paid platforms. Other guys are already very good and have decent results, but want to take their game to the next level. They may get results consistently with 7s and even the occasional same day lay or 8, but they feel that they have hit a plateau and struggle to get consistent success with very attractive girls. Often, guys are getting good results at nightgame, but the quality is not there due to the drinking and chaotic environment. Taking their game to the street, they often struggle to replicate these results during the day and experience daygame as a chore. What they want is a simple, no-bullshit way that’s efficient and gives them a system to seduce 8s, 9s and 10s during the day, fast.

To take it to that level in the shortest possible amount of time, personal coaching is the best way to go. If we are dealing with specific sticking points, a short and intense training session can be enough. For this purpose, I offer 1:1 training and bootcamps. We use our proprietary Continuous Improvement Template and once sticking points have been identified, we will set up a training plan to work through. With hard work, those sticking points can then be resolved self-sufficiently under our guidance. We make sure you get the support needed to sort things about.

If you truly want to rewire your entire approach to game using the Straight Line Seduction System, we need time, dedication and focus. For those of you, I recommend the Hustler Elite – I do not always have slots available for the Hustler Elite program, because it takes a lot of my personal time and energy, but this is obviously the gold standard. It’s the quickest way to getting results with 8s, 9s and 10s consistently and fast. I need to caution you: not everyone is able to make the commitment in terms of energy, time and/or money. And, most importantly, not everyone is able to take the direct feedback and the amount of rejection we encounter when hitting the street with us. We are the special forces of seduction and our pace is high - we go through tons of volume fast and relentlessly. I am intense, my team of coaches is intense, and the program is intense: it’s physically and mentally demanding. We walk 20 kilometers each day we go out as a reference point. So if this already sounds too much for you, don’t sign up, because you will be tested to your limits. Only people that can stay positive and keep doing the hard work week after week, while facing rejection and our critical feedback, will be able to stick with the program and get the results they want. I am not writing these words, because I want to sell this to you using some reverse psychology bullshit. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have spots free at the moment. I had guys take out YouTube campaigns and law suits against me, because their egos were so bruised from the harsh realities of daygaming with the Hustler Elite. However, if you truly want to seduce 8s, 9s and 10s the same day (SDL) consistently, joining the Hustler Elite is by far the best way to achieve that. It all depends on how quickly you want to achieve these type of results with extremely attractive girls and how important it is to you at this stage in your life. The earlier you start, the better, because your brain elasticity is the greatest when you are young and you will absorb the lessons the quickest. If you have the mental toughness, the money and the will, get with the Hustler Elite program. Sign up today to reserve you spot in the future. On the other hand, if you are in your early 20s and have little money and a lot of time, it might be better to go with a low-cost solution and spend more time training infield. The Daygame Basics Course is definitely the right choice in this case. If you are in your late 20s or older you should definitely consider the Hustler Elite, because you should already make enough money to join, you should be too busy with the rest of your life to spend entire weeks gaming straight and you should want to make progress quickly as you are not the youngest guy in the world. These are just my honest thoughts. It’s what I would want to hear if I were in your shoes. At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice.

Not to end this piece on a morbid note, but it’s always good to put things in perspective. We all have about 30,000 days in our lives and about 12,500 days from age 20 to 55. You can use your time dreaming about getting what you want out of this little time you spend on planet earth, or you can stop talking, take massive action and do the hard work that is required to get there. What else do you spend money on? Vacations laying at the beach wasting your time? Expensive clothing to impress girls you don’t seduce? Getting drunk with your friends every weekend to cure hangovers with expensive food takeaways the next day? A fitness trainer that holds your water bottle and helps you lift your weights, so you can then lift the weights yourself? It’s time to get real – it’s time to take serious action and get with the real deal. Most people tell me that I am just a really lucky guy. Most people don’t get around to doing the hard work. Don’t be most people.

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