Infield Teaching Extravaganza

Learn Straight Line Seduction from the Creator and His Disciple


The Masterclass format works as follows: Hustlehoff aka The Hoff is mentored by Tony Hustle 24/7. We record every single second of Hoff infield using military-grade undercover filming equipment. We make this material then available to our Masterclass students in raw format days before we schedule 1 of 2 monthly 90 minute conference calls. During the conference Tony breaks down Hoff’s set with Hoff on the call. The students get the chance to ask all questions during Q&A. The goal is to bring Hoff up to a supernatural level and show the students along the way how this process works. The Hoff and the students have Tony’s Continuous Improvement Template, which allows them to hold themselves accountable and mirror Hoff’s improvement process. We will cover all possible scenarios from high-end nightgame, to stripper game, to fashion week model daygame. And we don’t stop here:  Tony sets Hoff challenges which the Hoff then goes out to accomplish. The format is truly revolutionary from many perspectives: most importantly, it allows a virtually unlimited number of students to follow a very affordable and extremely tailored and high-end teaching experience. We base our teaching on infield material that is backed up by Tony’s critically important books, podcasts and other online products. Our goal is not to make just another seduction product: our goals is to transform the way seduction is taught in terms of quality level of girls, versatility of environments, entertainment and most importantly, the  professionalism of the material and teaching experience. And we want to do all that at a lower-than-ever price point so that it is affordable for everyone. We would love to have you onboard.


Tony & Hoff’s Masterclass is unique because you have the chance to mirror the vicariously close infield teaching that Hoff goes through on a weekly basis being taught by Tony Hustle in-person. You are sitting in the front seed with a POV camera, living through Hoff’s seduction experiences (no, we are not doing doing porn – it crossed our minds, but we couldn’t find a fluffer 😉 Then you get to listen to Tony breaking down Hoff’s challenges and you get to ask all the questions you want week on week for a full 6 months period. This way you fully understand the Straight Line Seduction mindset and process from approach to lay. Of course, we are pushing the boundaries, accomplishing seduction challenges that have never been shown before. This way, we are pushing your beliefs to the limit: seeing is often believing. And yes, you will see Hoff fail, get blown out and get rejected. It will be brutal: we will show the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s seduction reality. With any other product you neither get to see such a wide variety of seduction scenarios explained in-person and all that for a very affordable price. Click the link below for access to the Tony & Hoff’s Masterclass now.


Some things are priceless: a good laugh, a good friend – pussy is not one of them! The pricing is straight-forward. You pay $599.99 to access Tony & Hoff’s Masterclass conference calls (2 times per months for 90min each call) and all previous and coming videos on our cloud platform for the next 6 months. In total, you get 3h of teaching per months from Tony and Hoff in-person for $100 – that’s $25 per week of in-person teaching from Tony & Hoff. If you can’t invest $25 per week for learning from two of the best guys in the game, you have to question your priorities: probably pussy is not one of them 😉 What do you really want from life? Learning from Tony & Hoff is an investment in yourself, it’s less per week than a round of drinks on a good night out and you definitely get laid a lot more off it. If yu think about it: what’s the downside for you?

Looking forward to seeing you at Tony & Hoff’s Masterclass.

Hustle on,

Anthony Hustle