Hey Hustler,

As for The Hustler Club: I will upload A LOT more stuff. It just takes time to produce but comfort will be a part of it of course. I will also annotate the videos more thoroughly with text. It’s just a matter of time.

I think I owe you some background as to why I want to do this project.

I know you are not a beginner – you are far from a beginner and that’s why you are the one I chose from all the guys so far… I am not saying that you will do it straight away but you will do it eventually. I need someone that can show fire and I know that once you realise how close you are to being extraordinary at it, you will do things that will blow your mind. I know this from experience – I don’t need to see more than what you showed me. Your issues are mindset issues not technique – once you get over that you will get results that are as good as mine in terms of hotness. Maybe not as predictable and maybe not as quick but definitely as hot. Predictability and speed then comes from doing it 100 times. Thats your job after we are done.

Yes I will give you technique advice in the beginning but what we will focus on is the mindset section in Passive Frame Control of The Close. It’s not about game, it’s about how to control your mind to go that extra step when you don’t feel like it. It’s about becoming a beast. Much of what I describe in the SDL King covers that. When you push through and take the risk because you are willing to lose her, that’s when you master this stuff. That’s also the reason why I will charge you a price that’s special. Your problem is that you are underestimating how good you already are and I know we can fix this. You just need to trust yourself more and go for it.

As for the “he is not a beginner issue”: that’s a matter or presentation. That’s completely in our control. I don’t intend to lie. I want to give a fair account of what you have done in the past. Then I want to set out goals: your goals. And then I want to go out and get them. I don’t care about how much time it takes or how much we have to push to get it. If it takes 1 day then that’s great. If it takes 1 week then we will go one week. I will take time off for this. If it rains it rains and if we are lucky with the weather then we are lucky.

All I care about is to get the result so you see it is possible and so I get to make a killer product. Level doesn’t matter – it’s not about where you start. It’s about how much you can change. Then it’s up to the viewer to determine where they are now and where they want to go. If I took a beginner the absolute level of what we could achieve would be unexciting. It wouldn’t do this art justice. A beginner might go from AA to getting an instant date with a 7. What i have in mind for this product is in a class of its own – it has never been done before and we will do it. That’s the dream – that’s why anybody gets into this in the first place. Nobody gets into this to number close a 6.

That’s my honest plan and that’s what I will try to deliver on no matter what it takes. I can’t work with a beginner to get this done. The reason I need someone strong is the following: Tony doing it is not real to most people. Most people will say: yes he is amazing but he has some special skills. This is obviously not true, but you doing it as a client (even when already intermediate or advanced) is the manifestation of the dream of game.

This is not strictly about money for me. This is quite personal. I went through bad times, doubting the whole thing and even feeling like wasting my life on this. I just never gave up. I travelled around the world solo just to prove to myself that it can be done. When I finally did it, I felt the responsibility to share this. I have spent the better part of 10 years doing this. I went from knowing almost nothing to Tony Hustle. For me it’s a personal responsibility to show to myself that I didn’t waste my time but that I worked something out that can change the life of every man that works on it hard enough. I need someone to prove this to the rest of the men that are still doubting themselves. And this is almost everyone by the way. If we manage this we will change the life of many people becaue once they see you doing it they will believe they can do it. And seeing is believing.

The girl I love I met exactly this way his summer. A few weeks ago I walked with her into the tube on the way to a model shooting. As we entered the station, she was all over the place on big commercial banners. The 5x5 meter type banners where you usually find top models on. I took photos of her with herself on the banner in the backgorund. That’s when I knew I have to make this product.