“You have a bunch of videos there with like Playboy models…as far as I know there’s no in fields out there with that kind of high quality…seeing that is possible to date them…it’s not a big deal as I was making it out to be…gives you certainty in the process” Livc

“Just purchased the gold membership. Trust me you will be amazed. All you need to do is give up on a few coffees a month and in return you’ll get something that will change your life. That of course if you take action. If not well enjoy your coffees.” – Cosmin Nistoran

“Thank you,┬áTony. I made a lot of progress in daygame since I watch your videos. For example, today I had an instant date with a Korean (it was very rare for me because I used to ask for the number). Now, I am going to do a Same Day Lay ;).” – Paquito Pacman