Tony’s Hustler Elite Infield Program

Tony put together the Hustler Elite to find individuals around the world that direct in-person teaching from Tony himself. Members of the Hustler Elite will meet with Tony in person on weekends to train and record video footage infield. Tony will break-down the Elite members’ experiences in person and monitor the progress of each member closely. Anonymity will always be ensured and there is no strict requirement to release the footage. Your identity is 100% safe. 

The aim is to get Elite members’ up to the level of ability to seduce women the same day within 6 months (irrespective of current level). Since Tony is traveling, the teaching can only be undertaken when you are in the same place as London for the duration of your program – mixing the Hustler Elite Remote with the Hustler Elite Infield Program is possible.

6 Months Option

2x2h infield training per month for £502/month (50% of the total fee to be paid upfront and the rest in monthly installments)

3 Months Option

– 2x2h infield training per month for £666/month (50% of the total fee to be paid upfront and the rest in monthly installments)

• Location(s): December 2019 to March 2020 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
; from March 2020

Admission & Requirements (Hustler Elite & Hustler Elite Remote)

• No previous seduction skills required if motivation and potential are outstanding
• Ability to deal with direct/honest feedback and audio recording of dates using recommended recording device (if we work on dating)


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  1. HI Tony ,

    My name is Hari, am from India. I know about game from 2015 but my results sucked at the beginning , i took very less effort and was very less focused toward my goal to picking up chicks. Usually a number or positive response from a girl would make me more than happy and i would go back home happy . But things have changed the last one year to be exact as i am committed to having results and i am getting good at this every month. I feel your skill set can influence me . I came to know about you from my friend and i was pumped up by the fearless approach you showcased . The lebanese booty was the first video i saw and it was a “piece of art”.

    I am into real estate and earns my income mainly from it , i also do a bit of stock trading .. since i dont work for anybody i have a lot of freedom to game here at India. Even though i have been gaming hard in India, all my lays (5 lays) in the last one years have been tourists (foreigner’s) it may be because all the videos is see is of them , i don no and one of these lays happened within one hour a 23 yr old Japanese which was totally out of my reality until it happened. I am fully pumped up now to go full on into gaming . and it would be great opportunity to learn it from “Tony hustle” .

    The main hurdles i see right now is i will have to find an appropriate course to study in central London where u do boot-camps, I will have to find a real estate diploma course to study . The next thing is the money factor , i heard its very expensive to live in central London and it would be great to get an approximate amount of my basis expenses( rent , food) . but am sure i can find a way through . guess u can give me more help regarding that than anybody else as you have been there for 10 years or more .

    I want to let you know am fully committed into doing your hustler elite program and it will be my first ever program as i believe am ready now.
    Thank you tony,


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