SDL Challenge


The Rules

On this page, I record two different statistics to record the progress of the Hustler Elite. As I promised in late April 2019 (see video above), by the end of summer 2019 (23rd September 2019), the Hustler Elite will have achieved the following:

In aggregate, 25 to 50 Same Day Lays with an average quality of 8 or above (on a scale from 0 to 10)

The two statistics I would like to see if I were in your shoes would be:

1) Number of lays (not necessarily Same Day Lays)

2) Number of Same Day Lays 

Previously, I recorded SDL fails. However, this number proved to be hard to measure even though we were trying to. Further, focusing on fails implies that we need to get it right – we don’t in reality. If we can get the SDL and lay count up high enough, we succeeded. Let’s put it this way: if I get laid every week with hot girls (the same day), I don’t care how hard I have to work – most guys don’t get laid very much if at all. For that reason, I deleted the hard-to-measure SDL fail metric.

All numbers are aggregated so I do not incentivise Hustler Elite Members to lie. The recorded infields will be published in full length to Hustler Club Gold and Silver members. Trailers will be published on YouTube.

Antony Hustle


“The first two weeks of joining the Hustler Elite I had 2 same day lays, one of which was a complete stunner. I failed a couple times at first, but after Tony taught me the Straight Line Seduction System that I knew from his book SDL King, my results went through the roof – it was just mind-blowing. In retrospect, it’s ridiculous how much time I wasted and frustration I went through just because I didn’t know it is possible to bring hot girls home directly without ever taking a number.”

– Hustlehoff (Hustler Elite)

“When I started Hustler Elite I was already a veteran. I had done game for years. What I didn’t realise is that my game was inefficient and that’s where my frustration came from. Tony relentlessly worked out my sticking points with me and ever since I started using the Straight Line Seduction System my mindset and results completely changed. I am black, in my late 40s and I pick up hot girls in their early 20s – I didn’t think this was possible for me. The other thing that’s really remarkable is the group and culture that Tony put together – they are all solid guys that are trying to support each other wherever possible. It’s competitive, but it’s healthy competition.”

– Swayze Hustle (Hustler Elite)

“I was already doing alright when I started the Hustler Elite, but the quality just wasn’t there and I hated the frustration from flaky daygame numbers. I was definitely lacking accountability, consistency and a clear structure. Daygame felt contrived and mechanical before the Hustler Elite- the old London Daygame Model just wasn’t me. When Tony showed me how to apply nightgame during the day using the SDL method my mindset completely changed – it was transformational. Daygame instantly became fun and I was in control. After a months or two I started complaining about not getting laid with 9s the same day whereas before I was getting mostly laid with 7s from nightgame.”

– Anonymous (Hustler Elite)

“Tony set up the Hustler Elite so that your results directly benefit his business. Trust me, he is more driven to succeed than you are. If you put in the effort, you will get the results and Tony will not let you slack. I got two delayed SDLs in the first months. One girl was a solid 8. I think that’s all you need to know.”

– Space Hustle (Hustler Elite)