Straight Line Seduction System

Simple. Efficient. Exciting.


Early on in my journey into the art of seduction I started to dislike most of the material that was taught. Methods such as the Mystery Method (nightgame) and the London Daygame Model (daygame) bewildered me: they seemed complicated, unproductive and unconvincingly mechanical or boring. I intuitively felt like I was wasting my time learning theoretical “routine stacks” that turned me into a social robot. I thought seducing women is supposed to be fun, not a torture. I did however like the core ideas that were underlying these theoretical models such as the idea of the three phases: attraction, comfort and seduction – they made logical sense to me. The issue I took was that the implementation of these ideas just didn’t sit right with me. My style was different. Now, I am a natural extrovert, I was always out partying and I was teaching as a PhD in London already. I had the perfect sandbox to take the core ideas and test them in my natural environment. It therefore came more or less natural to me to take these general ideas taught in the seduction community and reformulate them in a way that suited me and I wanted exciting results with the women I found hot. My style is direct, to the point and, most importantly, I always keep my mind on the money: I am out there to get laid with super hot girls, fast.

Fast forward a decade of seducing the hottest women around the globe, I started writing up my findings. I had gathered a lot of experience with women and interacting with self-confident, testosterone-laden (and sometimes other substances) alpha males in a high-flying hedge fund job in London. I got inspired to write up my knowledge by a sales book called “The Way of the Wolf” written by Jordan Belfort – many of you will know him from the movie Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan Belfort describes a sales system that takes a potential client from cold call to sale in the shortest possible way – a straight line. This is exactly the way I seduce hot women. My system is about approaching the girl and taking her to bed in the shortest possible time. My time is too valuable to spend it on texting or long-winded dates that lead to nowhere. I value my time a lot more than sitting in the presence of a hot girl that is not into me. For that reason, I always answer two questions in my head when I am with a girl that I fancy: is she attracted to me and does she have time right now to be seduced. My entire approach to seduction reflects this mindset. Unlike the rest of the seduction methods out there, my system is simple, it is very efficient and exciting. I get to the point: I am guy, you are a girl. We like each other, let’s get it on right now. I want instant results using fast escalation techniques and I am very good at it, because that’s what I have been doing from the start. My goal is to have the hot girl in-front of me in a dark bar stroking her thigh within 30 minutes of meeting her. Every girl that I ever ended in a relationship with, I had sex with within hours. Trust me, the way to a woman’s heart is through her pants. Jokes aside, there are two ways an encounter with a girl can go with the Straight Line Seduction System: either you have sex and that’s it, or you have sex and it goes further. But for sure, you have sex first. This is what my system is designed to achieve and that’s why I named my system the Straight Line Seduction System. At the core of the Straight Line Seduction System is the following question:

“How can I build just enough comfort-trust to go as quickly as possible from open to close in s straight line using the maximum amount of attraction-escalation?” – Anthony Hustle

#1 Goal: teach you the skill to approach, attract and date hot girls during the day

There is a huge difference between daygame and seducing a girl all the way to sex. Daygame is just about stopping a girl during the day, attracting her and taking her on a date. The best analogy is surfing. The goal is to ride a big wave from when it breaks all the way to when it fizzles out close to the beach. To ride that wave, you need to first get onto the board and catch it. Daygame is to seduction what getting onto the board is to surfing – you first need to stop and attract the girl and then you can start riding the seduction wave all the way to the beach – either way somebody gets to ride something. Jokes aside, this is what daygame is all about – we fill our seduction pipeline during the day with hot girls we want to have sex with. This is what my Daygame Basics Course teaches you.

#2 Goal: teach you a system that’s simple to apply, works efficiently and is exciting at the same time

99% of guys, including me, are not William Shakespeare. We don’t have the ability to recite 1000 word poems or freestyle ad-hoc interviews like a late show host. However, 99% of seduction material out there requires you to “assumption stack”, “cold read” and “use the context” to come up with epic statements that are supposed to attract the girl. Yes, that is possible if you are as good in English as native speaker and have years of seduction experience – I can do that, because I have 12 years of work experience in finance in London, taught four years at university and have a decade of seduction experience. However, most guys cannot do that – even when they are natives. And, to be honest, it’s not required. I use the same lines over and over again. They are always the same lines, word by word, and they are highly effective. Why? Because I practiced them 1000s of times. My delivery is flawless, which makes those lines punch through steel. Because daygame is mainly a monologue (at least the first 30 seconds), my system will use exactly the same highly effective and simple lines. Even a non-native speaker with no experience will be able to learn those lines and attract hot girls. With time, the non-verbal delivery will become flawless as well. We focus on getting that right, because 90% of communication is non-verbal. Further, my system puts volume on your side. There are too many hot girls and too little time, so why spend any time with girls that are not interested? My motto is: next. My system therefore teaches you to do many approaches, short approaches and instant dates instead of few approaches, long conversation and taking numbers that lead to nowhere. This makes daygame a) very efficient, because you do not waste any time with interactions that go to nowhere (or texting) and b) it makes it exciting, because you go on instant dates with girls that are sexually attracted to you. Some guys like to text girls and spend time with girls that are not interested – they like the attention and feminine energy. But they don’t realise that they are being used by the girls for validation and pastime. I am not a fanboy and I am not her gay best friend – I am here to seduce the girl, see her get turned on and escalate forward until we end up in my flat drinking wine and making out. I keep my mind on the money and the goal is sex. I am a straight line seducer and this is what my Daygame Basics Course will teach you. If that resonates with you, read on. If it doesn’t then use a different system, because my system teaches exactly that.

#3 Goal: give you a system that allows you to master seduction independently by holding you accountable

The other big issue I have with the seduction industry is that it is not only full of misleading material, but it is also taught in a way that makes the client dependent on the seduction coach. This is not only wrong, but highly unethical – it’s an attempt to extract the maximum amount of money from clients by selling recurring services and preying on the clients’ dreams to get the girls they want. Seducing women, just like football, chess, poker or any other skill is learned through deliberate self-sufficient practice. There is no magic pill and there are no short cuts. You need to put in the hard work. Just like anything else that’s worth obtaining in life, you need to put in the blood, sweat and tears. But on the other side of emotional ups and downs, thousands of kilometers of walking the streets and blue balls the size of Santa Clause’s bag, there are the girls of your dreams. Naked, screaming your name while experiencing multiple orgasms staring into your eyes. That’s not me selling a dream, that’s me telling you that you can do it if you put in the work. How do I know? Because I have done it and because I have taught it to many guys (check out the Hustler Elite videos and the Getting Lucky the Same Day Challenge (GLSD)).

So what’s the right cause of action? The most important thing is to have a training program that allows you to practice independently by yourself. The program is there to give you detailed instructions, to measure your success and to hold you accountable so you do the hard work. The program gives you not only detailed instructions, but also tells you the number of hours and approaches you have to do. In this way, there is no way for you to cheat on yourself. You will always know whether you are putting in the amount of work it takes to get good at seduction. It’s like having Tony Hustle next to you every day, watching over your shoulder and telling you what to do next. 


I structured the Daygame Basics Course in 5 distinct modules that are taught over 8 months. The modules builds on each other and the program increases the seducer’s skill level step by step over time.

Module 1– Momentum Manager

First, we need to create momentum – that’s why the program starts with the Momentum Manager. This module is designed to get you in the habit of going out of the house and talking to girls. Our program is scheduled to get you out of your house 3 times during the week for 1.5h and one time on the weekend for 3h. We will do about 75 approaches per week to generate massive momentum and practice. The momentum manager also ensures you work on your mindsets and we start holding you accountable by posting your progress straight away on This community-based chat not only holds you accountable publicly, but also allows you to chat to Tony and other hustlers. The first module is 2 weeks long.

Module 2 – Hustler Stop

The Hustler Stop is a particular way to stop the girl in the street. It consists of a stop from the side with a distinct verbal pattern (attention snap, pre-opener, compliment). When delivered with high energy, assertive and loud, 75% of the girls you approach will stop and talk to you. The module is 4 weeks long.

Module 3 – Hustlerism

Hustlerisms are delivered directly after the Hustler Stop. The program teaches one particular Hustlerism that aims at letting the girl know in her language that we are sexually interested in her – we are here to seduce her, not to make friends. Because the Hustlerism is delivered together with a masculine dominant stop, it creates high amounts of attraction. This is the basis of seduction: once the girl is attracted, we have her full attention and can proceed to work our way towards the instant date. With practice, 50% of the girls we approach will stop and get attracted. The Hustlerism module is taught over 8 weeks.

Module 4 – Comfort-Trust Phase

Once the girl is attracted, we don’t want to spend 20 minutes talking to her in the street about her grandmother’s knitting skills. That’s non-sense. We want her off the street, in a pub and under our control. This is what the C-T Phase is designed to do. The main point of the C-T Phase is to find out if the girl has time, right now, to go on a date. For that, we need to figure out her logistics. Once we have figured out her logistics and know that she has time, we propose an instant date. Further, most guys struggle to hold a conversation with girls for longer periods of time – they run out of things to say or do not know what to say in the first place. The C-T Phase is designed to remedy this issue. It provides simple techniques to hold the conversation. Using a Facebook Soundbite that conveys our personality, we quickly demonstrate in a high-value fashion what we are all about. The girl ticks off the box in her head: “This guy is normal and high value. I want to know more about him.” The Comfort-Trust Phase module is taught over 8 weeks.

Module 5 – Close Sequence

Once we have answered the two critical questions of whether she is attracted to us and whether she has time right now, we start the Close Sequence. It’s a repeatable and highly effective sequence of statements that aims to get the girl out on an instant date. How does it work? First, we need to make sure that we truly find out her logistics – most guys bail if the girl tells them she is meeting her friends soon. That’s pre-mature – you are letting her off the hook too easily. We need to separate fake objections from true time constraints. Usually girls have time and just play hard to get to seem busy. Once we know she has time, we start with a false time constraint, then we suggest a venue for an instant date and we physically lead the girl in the direction. When done correctly, a large proportion of girls will comply and come to the instant date. If the girl is genuinely busy, we suggest to meet later for a delayed date.  We only take her number if she truly doesn’t have time today and suggests an alternative – otherwise, we let her know that we are not chasing her and that she can give us a call when she is ready to date a real man. In this case, we give her our number, we don’t take hers and we move on to the next girl. The Close Sequence module is taught over 8 weeks.

The first step is always the hardest. I truly hope that you make the right decision and jump into the deep end. Put your game face on, go out there and attract the girls you want into your life. If you are a beginner, you can either buy the pipe-dream and spend $1000 on a two-day infield bootcamp with no long-lasting results at all, or you can make a small outlay of $149.99 now to get access to the Daygame Basics Course that will get let you hit the ground running and get you better results than any other program out there. Sign up today and start changing your life in a massive way – it’s in your hands and your hands only.

Hustle on,

Tony Hustle