Bootcamps with Anthony Hustle

All our bootcamps are in-person trained by either Tony Hustle himself or Hustlehoff. We train a maximum of 3 students per bootcamp. If you and your friend book two seats at once for the same bootcamp, we give a 50% discount for the 2nd seat. The truth is that learning how to seduce women during the day (or night) is a skill. It’s a skill like playing chess, acting, playing football or reading. You need to learn the theory and then, most importantly, you need to go out and practice intensively and with a plan and control your progress. As we all know, nobody ever woke up one day and was a master at anything – anybody who is great at some skill put in 1000s of hours of training. Anybody who promises you that a bootcamp will get you to mastery is a liar.

What’s the Goal of the Bootcamp?

So let’s start with realistic expectations: what can you get out of a bootcamp? That depends on the quality of the bootcamp: the structure and the coach. A top notch bootcamp will do the following for you

  • Teach you the basic structure and the theory of seducing women
  • Deal with your approach anxiety, teach you how to number close and instant date
  • Identify your sticking points using professional recording equipment
  • Provide you with a training plan so you can improve independently in the future
  • Provide you with a kick-starter so you make the first step – the first step is always the hardest

To judge the quality of the coach, I recommend looking at his infield footage: how good is he at seduction? How hot are the girls he is seducing? How many great infield videos does he have? How good are his books and how clear are his explanations? How simple, efficient and logical is his seduction process? Most importantly, is he trying to sell you the dream (“the magic pill”) or is he honest and realistic? You always want to train with the man himself – you don’t want to train with his employees or his instructors. If you want to learn how to play basketball, get Michael Jordan himself to teach you. You also want to make sure that the student to coach ratio is not greater than 4. A very good coach can handle 4 students – more is not possible. Trust me, I tried. That’s why I set up my bootcamps as follows: 

  • Watch my infields: as far as I can see, I have same day sex with the hottest girls worldwide and I am able to teach my skill to my students (see Hustler Elite). My Straight Line Seduction System teaches you how to do the same given you practice
  • I am the only  coach: you pay Anthony Hustle and you get Anthony Hustle
  • Maximum coach to student ratio: 4
  • Professional filming: we film each student to identify his sticking points
  • Personal training plan: each student gets a personalised training plan so he can work out his sticking points independently after the bootcamp

What’s the Bootcamp Schedule?

The bootcamp takes place over 2 days. We meet up at 12pm and we finish at 5pm. The first hour of every day consists of theory review and a Q&A during which we address all questions the students have. The majority of the time is spent infield. We spend from 1pm to 4pm infield. We do 3 hours a day of hardcore approaching to get you over approach anxiety to number closing and instant dates. We are not teaching SDLs – the bootcamp is not designed for that. Here is the bootcamp schedule:

Day 1

12pm to 1pm: theory and Q&A over lunch

 1pm to 2:30pm: The Hustler Stop

 2:30pm to 4pm: S.E.X. Approach (see SDL King)

 4pm to 5pm: review 

Day 2

12pm to 1pm: theory and Q&A over lunch

 1pm to 2:30pm: Number Closing

 2:30pm to 4pm: instant dates (beginning of SDL)

 4pm to 5pm: review 

Upcoming Tony Hustle Bootcamps

19/20th March 2020, New York, USA (2 days = £1500) – BOOKED OUT

16th/17th April 2020, Las Vegas, USA (2 days = £1500) – BOOKED OUT

For alternative dates & locations contact us:

Upcoming Hustlehoff Bootcamps

8/9th February 2020 – London, UK (2 days = £1000) – SOLD OUT

25/26th April 2020 – Amsterdam, UK (2 days = £1000)

4/5th July 2020 – London, UK (2 days = £1000)

8/9th July 2020 – Munich, UK (2 days = £1000)

3/4th October 2020 – Prague, UK (2 days = £1000)

7/8th November 2020 – London, UK (2 days = £1000)

For alternative dates & locations contact us:

Payment Options & Installments

Courses can be paid for in monthly installments. You need to make sure that the total sum for the course has been paid before the event start date. Seats are only guaranteed once the total sum for the course you chose to attend is paid to It is your obligation to make sure that we receive your payment. We reserve the right to re-allocate you to a different date and location to give your seat to someone else who is able to pay the bootcamp in full immediately Terms and conditions of apply.

For groups of two people booking one bootcamp together we give the second seat at a 50% discount.